Black Ring Bell Alarm Clock

Two days ago I finally revealed what is my biggest fear of the secondary impacts of COVID-19 – that hospitals will be overrun and unable to provide care. I’ve had people tell me that I am overreacting and that our system can’t handle it. The fact is, whether someone denies it or not, I’m correct. There was a story in the New York Times today that talks about that becoming real very soon in the location where I said this problem would first emerge – Seattle.

Do you need more ideas of what the future looks like as they approach that precipice? Watch the video on this page. It’s in English. Maybe this will awaken you to the harsh reality that I’ve been trying to warn about all along. Does that make me alarmist? It seems to me only to be the case among those who want to deny the facts. I simply want people to take this seriously and stay home so we don’t have it as bad here.

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