Rationing Healthcare and the Potential to Die

I went to a two day epidemics and ethics conference around 2004. Some of the authors of this paper were speakers. This captures the challenge of what we are up against from the medical resource side during this pandemic. I highly encourage everyone to read this piece in the NEJM.

Separate from that, while I applaud the efforts to create alternate care sites, there are a few questions to keep in mind. Who is going to staff them? How are staff going to be given any PPE since they can’t get it in traditional hospital setting? How many of those staff are ICU trained and have any knowledge around the operation of ventilators that aren’t familiar to them?

Keep in mind that even if you aren’t infected by COVID-19, if you need to be in a hospital for some other reason, care could be VERY hard to come by. Think about everything you do. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Don’t drive further than you have to. Limit your exposure to others.

I keep seeing solutions stood up, but when it comes down to using these plans, I see a LOT of gaps.

There is only one major way that everyone can contribute.


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