State Report Cards

I’ve been meaning to get to this for some time but given that this blog is simply a side project for me sometimes I don’t have the energy or motivation by the end of the day. I put a lot more effort in before the US got involved in the hopes that I might at least help slow the inevitable. It seems now that people are pretty entrenched in their belief systems and don’t care to much for data. Regardless, I’ll do all 50 states starting with a graph for the entire US and territories. I can easily do this by county as well, but give that there are 3007 counties in the US, I’ll pass.

As you look at these, keep in mind that the case scales will change, but I have kept the case fatality rates fixed for each state as well as the time scales. In the next version I hope to adjust by population which will make a state to state comparison very easy to assess visually.

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