Incidence Curves

I decided to create a graph to visualize the growth of new cases in different countries, with the hopes of seeing a pattern in the number of new cases among each of them. I left China out because it would dwarf all of the other data. It’s pretty clear that they all follow similar growth patterns. I also wanted to make the USA stand out since most people reading this are likely wanting to know what’s happening here. I’ll be sure to include this graph on occasion to keep everyone updated.

One good piece of news has emerged from Scotland. They will be conducting surveillance tests for CoV at 41 primary care offices around the country. The reason this is going to be helpful is that it will provide a much better sense of the number of people with mild or no symptoms. I wish there were more details in the article to clarify this, but based on what I know of surveillance methods in public health, this should provide us with some useful data which should allow a more accurate calculation of the case fatality rate.

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