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If you are purchasing masks and gloves, you are endangering the lives of others who are or will be on the front lines. When coronavirus becomes active in your area, use the other methods that will help like social distancing, respiratory hygiene, and frequent handwashing/hand sanitizing.

The WHO has already indicated that there is a global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Please don’t contribute to this problem.

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Other shortages are likely to follow. According to Mike Ryan, MD, during a WHO briefing today, there are concerns that Iran will not have enough ventilators to meet the expected demand. This isn’t just a problem there. It could be similar in the US as this disease becomes endemic here. In 2017, Huang et. al. suggested “Substantial concern exists that intensive care units (ICUs) might have insufficient resources to treat all persons requiring ventilator support. Prior studies argue that current capacities are insufficient to handle even moderately severe pandemics.”

So please, leave the masks and gloves alone. Things could get challenging enough without the actions of the public making care delivery even harder.

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