Other Languages and Cultures

I used to be on the board of a nonprofit organization named ECHO. They were eventually integrated into our local public television station. Instead of trying to describe what they do, I’ll just copy the information from their website.

“ECHO Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting immigrant and refugee communities to health, safety, emergency preparedness, and civic engagement. Multilingual and culturally-specific education, television broadcast, web-based videos, outreach, phone lines, and training are all supported by a network of 200 organizations and 65 bilingual spokespeople. With this support AND with donations from the community – ECHO Minnesota is able to help New Americans to be healthy, safe, prepared, and engaged.”‘

I should have thought of this sooner because I knew that they would have pertinent information related to COVID-19. Please share this link with contacts you might have that need some of these messages in their own languages in their communities.

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