The Chinese Approach to Controlling COVID-19

A friend of mine sent me this video on Facebook. I was completely fascinated. I figured if I did a little bit of searching, I could find it online to link to here.

I have mentioned before how poorly I think we are going to do in the West in comparison to the East, both on March 5th, as well as on March 11th., so I’m not going to rehash all that here.

From an epidemiology perspective, I drool over a big data set like the Chinese have along with all of the GIS information contained inside. I know I could find many insights. However, because of the culture I grew up in, I also chafe at what this would mean. Somewhere, there must be a sweet spot in the middle, I simply do not know what it is.


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  1. I’ve searched your blog for your name. I found none. Perhaps I haven’t looked in the right spot, but since you don’t identify yourself, why should we believe anything you say?

    • My initials and last name are right there. I link to references. Believe whatever you like, that’s your choice.

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