Food Safety and COVID-19

I have reached the point of avoiding going anywhere I may have contact with the public. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do that, but today was my first round with getting groceries delivered.

Today’s purchases were mostly for my mother, who I have instructed strictly to stay at home. I will be handling her food and other needs for her. I’m going to describe my process today.

When the delivery arrived, I placed the bags placed in the trunk of my car other than the bag that had the two items for me. My oldest son and I drove over to my mothers house and I had him stay just inside her front door while I brought the bags to the front steps and set them there. I had my mother bring some clean bags she had in the house near the door.

We had brought over disinfectant wipes. I had my son take dry goods out of the bag and wipe them down with the wipe. Those were then placed in the clean bags inside the house. We did the best we could with bags of produce and other refrigerated items as well as the frozen items and put refrigerated in one bag and frozen in another.

Essentially, we now had dry goods, perishable goods, and frozen contained in clean bags. I instructed my mother to put each bag in the appropriate space but if she could wait 3-5 days from getting anything out of any of those bags that would be best and then doing normal washing protocols for produce after that time.

I’m sure the neighbors were wondering why we were going to such lengths. I guess this is a good time to add that I worked in the operating room for years and also in hospital infection prevention for another large portion of my career, so I used some of my expertise in those areas to try to make things as safe as possible for her.

I don’t know how I found a link to this video about 2 hours after our grocery safety exercise. The serendipity was uncanny. He does a great job at explaining what needs to be done, probably better than I could with the written word. Heed his advice.


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