The Chosen Path

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We have reached a point in the US that is very dangerous in relation to COVID-19. Some locations have already crossed over to what will shortly become a major problem throughout the country and there is no turning back. I don’t think most people understand that we shortly will run out of ICU beds, and regular hospital beds will follow a few weeks later. This means that if you get infected with COVID-19, your chances of getting advanced hospital care or even basic care will diminish day by day.

I came across a blog post by another epidemiologist written earlier this year. I can’t encourage you enough to go to the link to read it.

There is no way to emphasize this more. Stay healthy. Avoid unnecessary risks. If you fail to do so and need to go to a hospital, it’s going to get harder and harder to get care. Don’t contribute to the problem by recklessly exposing yourself to the virus. Make sure that your household is doing the same. If any of them get it, there’s a chance that you will too.

We are about to find out what it was like for people in 1918. It’s going to be incredibly painful for all.


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