Vaccination in the UK

I started putting the data together to monitor the impact of Omicron in the UK but in the process saw a really good example of exactly how the vaccine is working. I want to get the data from a couple of other countries put together so there won’t be much description with one exception.

I’ll only add one quick comment before turning over the narrative. I multiplied the number of cases by 10 as a means to make the data of three different scales readily visible to show how they compare to each other. I had posted this in my Facebook group and my friend Dale Harrison wrote an excellent summary. Here’s what he had to say:


The graph below is from the UK and shows how well vaccination correlates with suppressing deaths.

The blue line is cases, the black line is deaths, and the red line is a normalized curve showing vaccinations. The 2nd graph shows total 1-dose vs 2-dose vaccinations plotted against deaths.

This same effect is being seen everywhere total vaccination rates rise above about 70%.

There is a COMPLETE de-coupling of cases and deaths!

This is the strongest population evidence for just how effective the vaccines are…and for the very limitations of the vaccines.

If you were to plot this for a sterilizing vaccine (like measles back in 1962), cases and deaths would stay locked in sync all the way down to a near-zero final baseline.

This graph REALLY shows in what aspects the vaccines are and are not effective.

Vaccination primarily prevents the onset of Covid pneumonia, which is the key precursor for both hospitalization and death.

In fact, the death rate AFTER hospitalization is essentially identical for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. What the vaccine does is KEEPS YOU OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!

But what the vaccine DOES NOT do is keep you from:

1. getting infected
2. getting sick
3. transmitting the virus to others.

This graph is the PERFECT illustration summarizing all these key points about the vaccines!

Get vaccinated…get boosted…wear a mask. No one is perfectly effective, but each provides part of a layered defense.

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  1. I’d like to use one of your graphs (the first one here) for an article I’m writing this afternoon (here in the US). Can you provide me permission or direct me to the copyright holder?

    • Please feel free. I’m putting all this together to try to encourage people to learn more about this and take better protection measures.

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