“Do not underestimate the impact of coronavirus”: A message from Spain

I’m simply copying a message from a medical app I use. Please heed this warning.

Hi everyone,

My name is @FedericodelCastillo. I am a general surgeon from one of the most important hospitals in Madrid and in Spain.

I have a message to all the healthcare workers and to all that may be reading this: Do not underestimate the impact of the coronavirus in your health, your patients, your family and your health system. People are dying in hundreds and hundreds per day in a city like Madrid, where we have one of the best health systems of the entire world. We, healthcare workers, are dying with them.

Keep safe, keep your families and communities safe and be ready for the impact of this pandemia in your lives.

Thank you,

Dr. Federico del Castillo-Diez, MD, FEBS/MIS.

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