Masks…again, please stop.

I wrote before urging people not to purchase masks for personal use. I am urging again, please leave these supplies for healthcare workers on the front lines. They are going to run out quickly.

Worse, guess where 90% of the surgical masks that are used are manufactured – China.

This supply problem is going to only get worse. I beg you. Don’t be selfish. We need to address this as a community.

Also, please read the first comment below. This is very telling about what is likely happening in many clinic settings.

2 responses to “Masks…again, please stop.

  1. Jessica Appert

    Already unable to order masks or hand sanitizer for this community cancer-care clinic and infusion center. Working on a plan to get the many cancer volunteers to start sewing disposable masks for us…

  2. I love how you are thinking in terms of ‘Us’. We definitely need more of that. We need to think of our front line workers, they are our life line now. Literally.

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